microsummaries talk at OSCON

I'll be giving a talk on Microsummaries at the upcoming O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) on Thursday, July 27, from 11:35am - 12:20pm in the Portland 251 room.  The talk will include an overview of microsummaries, a demonstration of their functionality in the upcoming Firefox 2 (including generators for popular web sites and sightings in the wild), a lightning tutorial on building a generator (à la this one), and discussion about future enhancements to benefit web sites and users.

It should be a fun and informative session, so please drop by if you're attending OSCON.  And if you're still just thinking about attending, note that Benjamin Smedberg will also be talking about building apps with XULRunner, Mitchell Baker will be on a panel discussing open source projects and money, and Mark Hammond will be presenting on Python in Mozilla.

Other Mozilla folks are also attending, and there'll be a BOF, a booth, a screening, and probably other exciting events and get-togethers, so it's a great opportunity to meet Mozillans and learn more about the project.  Check it out.

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andrewc said...

When discussing microsummaries, make sure to mention that they can be created in plain text (via server-side apps like PHP, .Net, etc), too. Implementing that was a whole lot simpler than custom XML transformations.

Good luck at OSCON!

andrewc @ woot

PS - If you have any ideas for additional microsummaries (additional content, other pages to add them to, recommended string length, etc), just let us know.