microsummaries for the Summer of Code

I've added three microsummary-related projects to Mozilla's Summer of Code project list:
  • rich content microsummaries: support for HTML and image-based microsummaries
  • microsummary builder: a tool to make microsummaries simpler to create (for both regular users and developers)
  • microsummary generator web service: integration with a generator repository, including auto-notification and easy installation of available generators for the sites you browse
The deadline for applying to hack on one of these projects is today at 5pm PDT (midnight UTC), which is just hours away, so if you're interested in tackling one of these, don't delay!


James Napolitano said...

You know how Google and others offer customized home pages, where you can get personalized weather, news, stocks, feeds, etc., all updated recently? I wonder if microsummaries, especially with rich content, could be used to used to allow the user to create their own personalized home page(s), with information from any microsummary available on the web.

Myk said...


I think they certainly could be used in that way. That'd be a very interesting use, indeed!