keeping up with the Joneses

I thought I'd mention a couple blogs I follow to keep abreast of what is happening with other browsers.

First, Bernie Zimmerman (author of the GrayModern theme) tracks news about multiple browsers at his Browsersphere blog.  Second, WebKit and Safari news has long been available at Surfin' Safari, although I suspect the WebKit part of that will slowly move over to the new Planet WebKit.

What blogs do you read to track the coopetition?


Sylvain said...

There's a set of feeds on the wiki built using Yahoo pipes that can be useful.

Basil Hashem said...

Galen Li, who was an intern this summer at Mozilla created a really nice set of feeds for browser competition tracking. The rationale and how to subscribe to it are at http://wiki.mozilla.org/CompetitiveTrackingFeeds.