better MDC searches from the search box

I had an "MDC (English)" search plugin (not sure where I got it from), but it wasn't returning the Observer Notifications page when I searched for "xpcom-shutdown".  Turns out it was using the old search engine instead of the new Nutch-based one, so I created a plugin that uses Nutch instead and uploaded it to Mycroft.  Grab it from there if you want better MDC searches from the search box.

Update: the search plugin built into MDC now uses Nutch, so you can now simply install that one by going to MDC and then clicking the glowing icon in the search box.


Anonymous said...

Are you still looking into Deki Wiki for MDC?

Anonymous said...

How is this different from the one that's built into MDC via OpenSearch that makes Mozilla (and probably IE7)'s search box glow?

Myk said...

re: Deki Wiki, I believe the folks responsible for MDC are indeed still looking into it.

re: the search plugin that's built into MDC, I believe that's the one I had originally installed, and it looks like it now does a Nutch search, so there's no difference. The one I had wasn't using Nutch, which is strange, since I was under the impression that Firefox periodically checks for and auto-installs updates to search plugins.