egg timer for lightning talks

Yesterday, for the Lightning Talks portion of the Mozilla Labs Meetup, I couldn't find a good online egg timer, so I created a simple one and put it up at eggtimer.org.  Since then I've found lightningtimer.net, so I guess it wasn't necessary, but it's there now anyway.


Anonymous said...

I had to look at the source to figure out how to start it - it's not obvious at all.

mmc said...

I guess you did a search and replace of "let" to "var", since one of the comments says "we var the user set..."

Myk said...

anonymous: yeah, it could use some visible UI.

mmc: d'oh! You are absolutely right, I mass replaced "let" with "var" to make it work outside of Firefox.

Daniel Glazman said...


Johnath said...

Hey Myk,

Was just going through my planet backlog - this is great. Simple, elegant. Don't change a thing.

Except that 9s don't work. :) I think you've got a typo here:

case 54: // DOM_VK_6
case 55: // DOM_VK_7
case 56: // DOM_VK_8
case 58: // DOM_VK_9

I bet the last line should be case 57:

Thanks for this, though.

Myk said...

Johnath: thanks for the bug report! I've fixed the problem.