Snowl 0.2rc1

The first release candidate of Snowl 0.2 is now available.  This version sports no new features relative to the last preview release, just a bunch of bug fixes.  Barring the discovery of unexpected issues, this is the build that will be released as Snowl 0.2.

Notable bug fixes include:
  • an updated visual design with platform-specific icons for feeds and people;
  • Firefox is more responsive when Snowl is refreshing sources and building views;
  • multiple Twitter accounts no longer occasionally get confused for each other;
  • views update more consistently when messages and sources are added or removed;
  • the river and stream views always show messages in the order they were received.
As of this release, I've also switched to hosting Snowl development on the same infrastructure (source code repository, bug tracker, discussion forums, etc.) as other labs projects to make it easier for participants in those other projects to contribute to Snowl.

Give the release candidate a try, and let me know what you think.

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尼克 said...

What is Snowl for the uninitiated?

Myk said...

Snowl is an experiment in messaging in the browser. For more information, check out the Snowl home page (which I should have linked from this blog post--my apologies):