Personas in Thunderbird

Huang Yaoquan recently contributed a patch to make Personas work in Thunderbird! Here's Thunderbird with the Groovy Blue persona selected:

The patch requires a Thunderbird 3 beta, and it landed after the cutoff for the Personas 1.0 release, so it's not in the version on AMO, but it is in the latest development build, so give that one a spin if you're developmentally inclined, and provide feedback in the discussion forums or by filing bugs.


Blair McBride said...

Awesome - I've been waiting for this :)

Dan Mosedale said...


Ken Saunders said...

Very cool! Thanks Huang.
Perhaps it will entice more people to try Thunderbird 3 Betas.
Let's hope so.

Brian said...

Great stuff!

Tom said...

Just what Thunderbird needed: a little spice!