"Next/Previous Tab" Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac

On my Mac, I use the following five programs with tabbed interfaces on a regular basis:
  • Firefox
  • Thunderbird
  • Adium
  • Terminal
  • Komodo IDE

And those programs implement the following five different keyboard shortcuts for switching to the previous/next tab:
  • Control + PageUp / PageDown (Firefox, Thunderbird)
  • Command + LeftArrow / RightArrow (Adium)
  • Command + PageUp / PageDown (Komodo IDE)
  • Command + Shift + [ / ] (Terminal)
  • Command + Shift + LeftArrow / RightArrow (Terminal)


Reuben N. Morais said...

I find Command+Alt+Left/Right to be faster/easier than Command+Page Up/Down to switch tabs on Firefox.

Jesse Ruderman said...

Firefox also supports Cmd+Shift+[], Ctrl+Tab, and Ctrl+1..9. Perhaps some of your other apps share those shortcuts?

Eko said...

I've changed the Keybindings in Komodo to Cmd+Option+(Right|Left) to behave just like Firefox and Tbird. Also, I use iTerm2 which allows me to do the same.

Anonymous said...

See also http://blog.macromates.com/2010/tabbing-shortcuts/

Daniel Glazman said...

On my Mac (Lion), Cmd + left or right arrow switches between tabs in Terminal...

Erik said...

I believe Cmd+Shift+] and Cmd+Shift+[ work in most of them.