to all the bugs I've filed before

The first bug I filed was marked as duplicate; the second was worksforme (although Chris Petersen could reproduce it before he couldn't anymore); and the third was invalid (it was the spec, not the code, that was errant). The fourth is the first that was fixed.


Tony Mechelynck said...

Well, one of the first bugs I filed (I didn't keep rigorous track) was a Firefox bug which was duped to a Suite bug (that was around Firefox 0.9 or 1.0, when the Suite was still "Mozilla"), and later when I commented about Firefox to the bug to which mine had been duped, I got rebuked with "Go away, this is a Suite bug, your comments about Firefox are irrelevant, off-topic bug spam" or something equivalent.

Neil Rashbrook said...

My first bug, 35000/1/2 (I managed to submit the same bug three times in a row, possibly due to a bug in either Gecko or Bugzilla), was a (quad?)duplicate. My next bug, 35735, wasn't a duplicate at the time, but it eventually got duplicated to bug 212302. But it was third time lucky, and bug 36173 was a real bug and got fixed.